30 Before 30

Now that I am 30, let's see how I did.  I would say I'm 24/30 (counting the editing and piano as 1/2 each) which isn't super terrible seeing how my life has been for the last 5 years.  Maybe I'll make the remaining goals before I'm 35! :-) I am optimistic.

1). Attend Fashion Week (somewhere). - No :-( 
2). Be on a committee for something I care about (Yes: Peloton Sustainability Committee).
3). Compost (Set up Peloton composting program 7/11).
4). Autocrat an SCA Event (Midwinter 2012!)
5). Learn a language/improve one I already know - Started working on Italian again. Does that count?
6). Volunteer @ an animal shelter (Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue 5/11/10)
7). Buy a car (3/7/11)
8). Get a tattoo (3/2/11 & 5/18/12, 5/13/13, 6/10/12 and more to come!)
9). Better organize my recipes (and keep them organized!)
10). Make plans to travel to Europe again - No :-(
11). Finish 10 craft projects: Yes - fencing jacket, scabbard, buckler, steampunk Fairy wings, 5 pr. steampunk earrings, silent auction book, fur pouch, fixed fencing chest protector, Painted Catfood can, steampunk ornaments, Halloween werewolf costume and more!
12). Try to get rid of my allergies. (The allergy shots are working!)
13). Get successful minor foot surgery (got the surgery, but problem is not fixed)
14). Pay off credit card (Did so a couple times and racked up debt again...But I'm counting it)
15). Pay off car loan (completed, got another car loan, paid that off)
16). Write/rewrite a novel (NANOWRIMO 2012, though not 100% complete. But I'm calling it anyway.)
17). Sell something I made/open Etsy store (sold Steampunk ornaments, soaps, jewelry, but no Etsy store yet)
18). Try some exotic food that I’ve never had before – like blowfish (not blowfish, but I did have Afghan food. That was pretty great).
19). Go up the Washington Monument  (Complete! 8/7/11)
20). Edit novel to publishable state (In progress).
21). Visit a friend in another state/country (saw Ash in Seattle 2x! And Will in MD).
22). Go to Vegas (again)  (6/10/11-6/1511, 11/2-11/4)
23). Attend a Comp Ling/Social Media conference (NAACL 2009, ICWSM 2010.)
24). Learn to drive stick shift  - No :-(
25). Learn how to build a computer (mostly...)
26) Learn the piano good enough to play songs - Not really :-( I only learned Ode To Joy and Fur Elise for the right hand
27). Get Lasik - No :-(
28). Wear a different pair of shoes each day for a month. (6/1-6/30/11, 6/1-6/30/12!, 2013, 2014)
29). Go hot air ballooning! - Not yet :-(
30). Go para-sailing. (5/09!)