Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Zombie Dream 2 - The Escape

This dream started with a jumble of images and colors.  When it finally gaines coherence,  I am standing in house in a cave with some people - I think my Mom was one of them.  The cave was raised about 3 steps above the cavern floor.  It looked kind of like the cave in The Secret World of Arrietty. 

It looked kinda like this house, but the light was a flue and if you had your back to the stove, you'd be looking out into a great big cave.

We had just heard that the zombies were going to come after us now so we were preparing for them.  When the fist zombie starts coming across the cavern floor, I rush out to meet him.  He is like a cyborg zombie with some weird eye binocular (monocular, really) and scissors for hands.  I am grappling with this zombie and grabbing onto his scissor blades, hoping they won't cut me.  Then I remember that I had a katana so I raise that and try to cut off his head.  Unfortunately, i miss his neck and my sword gets stuck in his skull. I had to struggle to free it before the zombie got to me.  Eventually I did, phew!

Then the zombies start coming in droves and we have this narrow ledge to fight on.  I am doing quite well, actually, as I run back and forth beheading zombies with my very sharp Katana.  At one point I'm thinking, "Yeah, we got this. I could do this all day, I'm not even tired."  

Suddenly, water starts trickling over the rocks from the far side of the cave and I hear someone say, "Oh no!  They are going to flood us out!"  An escape plan was quickly gone over as the water rose with unnerving speed.  We had these two upward tunnels that we could climb up if the water got too high.  So, I keep on slashing away until I start seeing partially chopped up zombie parts floating around in the water.  It's almost up to the highest step of the house.  

The wave of zombies has stopped now, except for a few stragglers.  The last of the other people in the cave are crawling up the chute and are calling to me.  I do a once-around of the house trying to decide on what to grab.  I decide on nothing and instead feel that it is my duty to kill the straggler zombies to give the people time to escape.  One of the zombies is a unicorn and another is a giant Komodo dragon....go figure.  I behead the dragon and start crawling up the tunnel.  My last thought is that the grandma (who resembled Math's mom) couldn't make it up and so she told everyone to go without her. 

Komodo dragon picture
I totally beheaded this guy  and saw his neck's cross section.  (But I'm not proud about it.  Zombie's were alive once too!)
Ahead of me is this guy and his son.  When we get to the top, it is into his home and his wife and brother are pulling us up.  They pull up the kid, then the dude but before they pull me up the kid asks, "Where's grandma?"  And I say, "She couldn't make it," as I'm holding on for dear life trying not to fall down the straight drop back to zombies and a flooded cave.

The kid starts crying but I brush it off as I struggle to get out of the tunnel.  It seems that the wife and husband are not really trying to do anything to comfort the kid.  But I don't really pay it much mind and wake up shortly after. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Zombie Dream 1 - The Stakeout

In this dream I'm living at my parents house, and I think Luna was there.  However, this house is in a land crawling with zombies.  In the first part of the dream, Luna and I were on the deck and I can't seem to get over the fear that she's going to jump off the deck and into zombie country.

Then it's night time and I am wandering around the downstairs area of the house.  I get into the room that is now the office, but what was the "rec room" when I was growing up.  It used to have some bookshelves/file cabinets, a wood stove and a dumpy fold-out couch.  That is how it looked in my dream, except for the fact that the whole north wall was gone and in its place was a canvas sheet.  I remember thinking, "Wow, that doesn't seem very secure against the zombies."

I start watching some other people, possibly young college or high school students.  They have a bunch of candles lit and are talking about apocalypse theory.  They ask me if I've read Delillo (Dondelillo maybe?) and his fortification strategies for a post-apocalyptic world. One strategy is to pit one predator against another.  So apparently my house had big cats roaming the perimeter and apparently they weren't affected by the zombie disease.  Another thing one guy was proposing was to dig a moat around the house and fill it with piranhas.

(At one point I saw a cheetah in the kitchen and was afraid of it, but then realize that it was there to kill the zombies so it was friendly to humans and I pet it).

Look at this handsome guy!

Then these guys decide to start messing with this one guy who looked kinda like the fat kid from Lost.  The sheet was pulled back and in the field beyond appeared a figure. He was holding up a hankie and communicating a message of help trying to entreat us (or more like them b/c I was pretty much an observer here) to take him in.  He was talking about all of his skills.

The guy being messed with was going to go out into the dark to help this other guy.  "Don't go out there!" I yell at the dude, but it's too late.  He's already in the field and has discovered that the "guy" was actually just a computer screen and he's turning around to come back inside.  Then I see bright eyes appear behind him (zombies) and I scream, "Watch out!" But the guy doesn't hear me.  Luckily,  these two werewolves jump out of the darkness and start fighting with the zombies so the guy gets back inside.

The Google Maps view of my parents' old house. The semi with the sheet metal would probably've been parked in the red rocks area. 

Then it's daytime and I have decided that since no one else seemed concerned about fixing the gaping hole in our fortifications, I had to do it.  So I walk into this semi that somehow backs right into the house (so we don't have to go out into zombie country to get supplies) and grab some sheet metal.

At this point, The Office woke me up, so I have no idea how the house fared with fortifications after I left.