Dreams & Bacon

This is the poem that inspired me to start writing again. Love you, Granddad!

Dreams and Bacon

I wish that I could find a dream
among the treetops in the sun.
the ones I had have grown and flown
so now I need another one.

One that charts brave things at night,
takes wing and soars at break of day,
lets me go wherever I will
tho it be to the milky way.

I want my love to come with me
over every bounding wall,
because without my love along,
there’d be no dream at all.

I could not live without a dream
but everyone would be mistaken
to think I don’t know what it takes
to bring home a plate of dreams and bacon.

So you who doubt this phantom force
and think of power as pulsing steam,
remember nothing starts at all

until it starts as someone’s dream.

-Leslie A. Skinner (My great-grandfather)

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