Friday, December 30, 2011

Dream about Lions

I had this crazy multi-part dream last night with one of my reoccurring dream themes - lions & other predatory animals (including tigers, bears, wolves, hyenas, velociraptors, zombies etc.).

Part 1 - Lions
There I was, shopping in a store trying to buy enough stuff so that I could get a free tote bag (classic Lyndsie). When I finished shopping, I left the building and saw a couple lionesses in the parking lot so I immediately turned around to go back into the store. However, another lioness poked her head out of the door I just left, which meant that I couldn't go back that way. I began circling the building to find a back way in, at which point I realize that I had Shermie with me. I was looking through the windows trying to find a room with a closed door so that when I put Shermie in, he wouldn't take off into this house (apparently the store is in a house) infested with lionesses. 

I eventually found a basement room with those top-open windows so I dropped Shermie in and climbed in after. I did make sure to shut the windows tight before assessing the situation. Somehow I managed to leash Shermie up to keep him from escaping and I opened the door to look into the house. There was an older woman in the hallway and when she saw me, she started talking to me about how she's going to be leaving on vacation soon. I encouraged her to do so, thinking:  "I don't want to see you get eaten by lions."

After the woman left, my Mom and some dude came to the room and started chatting with me. I looked past them down the hall, and saw two lionesses in my Mom's bedroom. "Mom, there are lions in your bedroom, hurry up and get in here." I said with urgency. And they did. So me, Shermie, my Mom and this guy were just sitting in some bedroom without any way to get out and lions all around us. Smart, huh?

It's hard to find a pic where they don't look cute. 

Part 2 - Bears 
Then the scenery changed and I was driving in a car or running down a road with some guy, presumably just having gone to get supplies, being chased by a couple of bears and some other non-predatory animals like deer and horses. Up ahead there was a parked fuel tanker semi thing so we decided to climb on top. The guy gets onto the hood of the vehicle while I climbed up the ladder to sit on top of the tanker.  Left abandoned on top of the tanker were two saws and a couple of Santa hats.

It was a good thing too, because the bears that were chasing us had started climbing up toward me (leaving the guy alone completely).  I took the saw and kept smacking the bears on the nose with the flat of the blade, trying to scare them away. (It did occur to me that I was holding a sharp saw and could do some serious damage to the bears, but I never actually tried it).  Then I started whacking them with the Santa hats but when that seemed to do little good, I went back to the saw. Eventually, it seemed that I had scared them enough to leave me alone so we could get into the cab of the semi and drive away. Shermie was with me again at this point.

These were the bears. They're dancing bears from India,
I actually read an article about them yesterday which is maybe why they appeared in my dream.

Part 3: More Lions
The semi turned into two Jeeps and we're racing across dried up pastoral land (like the kind you see along US36 in Colorado) until we run into this old dude on a horse who's trying to fence in a group of sheep or cows.  Unfortunately, there were also lions wandering around so I told the guy that he needed to hurry and rope his sheep in because the lions would get them if he didn't.  So I and whomever I was with start stalking the lions.  I am trying to shoot at them but all I am doing is hitting trees.

Eventually we get to part 4.

Part 4: Tigers and Lions Oh MY!

Now I am in this house with a bunch of other people that backs up to a lake or bay or something, but is also in mountain-scenery.  There are lions and tigers stalking the area around the house but it's fenced in and protected so they can't get in.  I am sitting on an upstairs balcony watching a tiger lying in the shade.  It seemed that I was under the impression that the predators were eating all the pray and eventually they would die off if we didn't keep feeding them. Then I see this beige-colored chow-type dog running up to the house with a bundle in its mouth.

Look - So majestic!
"Oh my god! Oh my god!" I'm saying as I'm racing down the stairs to open the gate up for the dog so the lions/tiger won't get him.  Unfortunately, the tiger grabs a hold of the dog and starts shaking him and I'm screaming at the tiger from inside the front door (which resembles a batting cage): "Let him go!"

Eventually the dog gets released and comes up to the gate, but now he's a human.  I let him inside and I'm standing there staring at the tiger.  It comes right up to the fence and I'm yelling at it.  Then it lunges at the fence and turns into a human and says, "You think you can beat us, but you can't."

Then I wake up.

The weirdest thing about this dream is that I'm not really afraid of predatory animals.  Tigers are my favorite animal and I find all big cats cute and fascinating.

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