Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Saga of Lyndsie - Part 1

Recently I made a fairly drastic life change - I bought a house and moved to a different city. I am still in Colorado, and I still have the same job and boyfriend, though he now lives with me, along with his children. This move has been incredibly annoying - it seems that Murphey's Law is in full effect.

Whatever can go wrong, HAS gone wrong:
1. James and I opened a new joint checking account so we could pay the mortgage, and the first direct deposit I set up, somehow I used a wrong account and/or routing number. This led to a month going by and one paycheck getting deposited into someone else's account, at a bank that wasn't even mine. Because it was a valid account, my company's payroll department didn't find anything amiss (they don't check your name, just if the account is valid). Because the process took so long to research, the other bank kept rejecting it since it was past 5 days. Someone out there had a grand of my money, and it was looking like I wasn't getting it back.

2. I have had to hassle with EVERY service that you regularly pay for: the energy company, the internet company, and the HOA as well as banks, AAA and others.

3. Right when I moved in, my credit card got a fraudulent charge of $700 on it, right at the time they were switching me from Mastercard to Visa. So while the credit was promptly returned to my Mastercard, only the initial charge was tranferred to my Visa. Which meant that it looked like I had $700 more on my credit card than I did.

4. My car's brakes died suddenly. And by suddenly, I don't mean that my car sent me careening out of control on the highway (thank god), but one day they were fine and the next day they were grinding and metal-on-metal. This meant that I had to take care of them right away. Add an already-planned serpentine belt replacement to the mix, and you're looking at an $800 car bill.  Woo and yay.

5. Two days later, my driver side window regulator broke, leaving my window stuck in the "down" position during a time when weather is unpredictable and not warm enough. Also, I just can't go to work with messy hair, period.  Another $300 down the drain. (Keep in mind that I was also trying to do something nice for myself and the day before I had bought tickets to ComicCon and a new chain shirt for fencing).  Good thing I have a credit card!

6. And on top of all this, my job has been incredibly stressful. One of my teammates left unexpectedly and now instead of 1 open position, we have two. There has been soo much work that I can't keep up and am only able to be reactive rather than proactive. I routinely work over 40 hours, and it has left me just hella drained. I haven't had much drive to be creative, but when I'm not creative or writing, I start getting depressed and reclusive.

7. All of this has led me to a life crisis where I feel that I am not good enough, not a good adult, and am totally spinning out of control. What is my purpose in life? How do I find it? And, while I'm looking, what can I do to find little bits of happiness to keep me going?

Find out in PART TWO....(coming soon).

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