Sunday, April 13, 2008

Everybody needs a heart

You beat me when you’re excited,

Break me when you’re sad

Tax me when you’re exhausted

And drain me when you’re mad.

You build walls around me for protection,

Though they only keep me jailed.

You fill me up when you’re in love,

And curse me when you’ve failed.

I grow strong and powerful from your sucesses,

And shrivel in your doubt,

I pain you so gravely sometimes,

That you try to rip me out.

Sometimes you throw me off my rhythm

When you are scared or joyful.

You make me try to stabilize

When my weight’s too hard for you to pull.

But here I stay, close to you,

Even with all the torture you put me through,

I continue to give you life and breath,

And will only stop upon your death.


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