Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wanton Animal Shootings

o here is my email to the U.S. District Court - Louisiana Branch about the wanton shootings of pets of Katrina evacuees. These pets were not allowed to be evacuated w/ the people and they were told to leave the pets at a school where animal rescuers would retrieve them. Instead, a couple Sheriff's Deputies were seen shooting these pets w/ non-fatal wounds and leaving them to die slowly. The court case on these guys was dropped due to "lack of evidence" and there is an online petition to reinstate the case and get a little justice for all the families who lost pets due to a few people's cruelty. Links to the full article and to the petition are at the bottom of the email. I'd highly encourage everyone to sign the petition and help out these lost pets and their families.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am disappointed to hear of the charges being dropped for the deputies who shot, without reason, numerous pets in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Please reconsider the charges. There is enough eye-witness evidence (some even caught on tape) to prove that this was an atrocious act. If these deputies were just randomly shooting down people who were evacuating, they would probably already be in jail. What seems to not be understood is that a person's pets are loved just as much as the person's relatives. Animals have their own personalities and loyalties and don't deserve to be wantonly killed just as people do not deserve this. Thus it is a very cruel act to treat living things as if they were your car or your stereo. It is not easy to replace a pet, for it would be like replacing a friend. And nobody deserves to suffer from something like this, for it can be prevented by just a little compassion.

Thank you,
Lyndsie Clark

Website and story: (be careful, this story WILL make you bawl! )

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