Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two MANDATORY things one needs to be a good blogger.

1). GOOD GRAMMAR: I can't stress how important this is. If you want people to keep coming back to your blogs, make sure you spell correctly and use proper punctuation. Abbreviations or slang words are OK as long as it's obvious that you *meant* to do that (like dunno, gonna etc. or IMO, LOL, OMG). But spelling "it is" like "its", leaving out apostrophes in possessives (Daves cat) and adding apostrophes in plurals (plural's) makes you sound like an idiot or a child (and you can't have a blog if you're under 13!).

Paragraph breaks are another important aspect of your blog. It's easier on the eyes and doesn't overwhelm your reader with and insanely long chunk of text. Also, proper capitalization make the blog just that much more pleasant to read if it is done on a mostly consistent basis.

2). SOMETHING INTERESTING TO TALK ABOUT: No, talking about what you did yesterday like going to Pizza Hut, shopping at Super Target and then catching a movie is NOT interesting. Maybe you should talk about the movie, why you liked it, why you hated it, whether or not your friends should see it etc. etc. Or, reveal a funny story that happened to you when you were playing with your cat. Or give your opinion on the state of the world. Just say ANYTHING but:
at 12:00 we had lunch at China Buffet.
at 12:45 we left for the mall.
we got to the mall at 1:30 and putzed around until our movie started at 2:00.
Lastly, don't talk about your periods, your indigestion, or how sick like a dog you were last night and how many times you threw up/had diarrhea . And if you *must* relay that information. Be brief or be really funny. I mean for serious...NO ONE WANTS TO KNOW.

And let me tell you, you can't have one of these things w/o the other. BOTH are important to make a blog good and make your readers come back time and time again.

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