Monday, August 18, 2008

What kind of writer

I don't really know what kind of writer I am.

I wouldn't say that I write poetry. I've always viewed poetry as silly and frivolous; only fit for those with no true talent. It's just the inane ramblings of those who are young and desperate for attention - or just desperate for attention.*

I wouldn't say that I write novels, because my ideas are varied and can change quickly - cycling through like songs on a jukebox. I don't have the doggedness required to plow through the slow spots. I want ACTION! I want COMEDY! I want DRAMA! While I have written two things that may be considered novels (or possibly only novellas), I don't know if I have the stamina to keep up that trend.

I wouldn't say that I write short stories, for I never know how to end or how much content to put in. I don't know how to be succinct without sounding terse and soulless. And even though my ideas cycle through quickly, I couldn't even say that they stick around long enough to carry a plot from beginning to end - no matter how long it is. I can be eloquent however, but that would take pages, thus defeating the idea of "short".

Therefore, I have concluded that I am the writer that writes excerpts, blurbs, passages; bits that say nothing in too many words; stuff that no one really wants to read anyway. I would say that my writing is more like a painting - art with words. I put words together based on their sound and they syllabicity and blend them into a landscape of color. I put my thoughts on paper as they come to me - instantaneous and abrupt. I am able to switch topics on a dime with a small transition. And I never know how to end things. So here I go....

*An addendum to my views on poetry: I know good poets exist. Reading their work makes one tingle and yearn, pine and rejoice. Your heart throbs with the rhythm and your eyes see stars. However, 99% of all poetry in the world is not this. It's crap, full of angst and forced rhyme. I agree that I too, have been a victim to this which is why I don't claim to be a poet. If, however, I should find out one day that my poetry is worthwhile, then I will have to rethink this definition.

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