Friday, November 7, 2008

Thing About People That Drive Me Nuts!

- People who are so full of hate that they have to plaster their hate over everything they touch.
- Drug Addicts, or for that matter, anyone who follows drug culture so seriously.
- Gamer geeks who are so, to the point that they make an entire blog about their WoW Character.
- People who drink hot coffee in the summer. I mean..ICK!
- Smokers who sit next to me after having just had a cigarette.
- New mothers who not only want to tell you about their kids and send like a bazillion pictures every day, but want to tell you how their pregnancy went, how many catheters they had, how many times little Jimmy went potty and all the other TMI details.
- People not responding to IMs in the middle of a conversation.
- Know-it-alls and braggarts and arrogant fuck-heads.
- Apathy, just in general.
I'm sure there's more, but I'll leave you with this list.

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