Saturday, March 21, 2009

San Francisco Day 1

Arrived 6:00pm

Staying at Hotel Frank - apparently a "personality hotel". Design is all black and white with houndstooth print carpet and houndstooth print on the robe cuffs and collar. You can buy the robes, they're pretty comfy. I wonder how much they are...?

Had dinner at this place called Annabell's Bistro. Mom and I shared a dinner we got:
Teiro Zinfandel, Napa Valley '05
Crab cakes with Remoulade Sauce, Arugula and Radishes
Pappardelle pasta del Mare with shrimp, squid, clams, muscles and tilapia
-Mustard cream sauce: coarse-grained mustard, cream, garlic and...?
It was pretty awesome, I need to remember this place. :-)

Went to Macy's. Tried on a pair of $500 boots. Too small (thank god LOL).  But MAN did I feel all swanky!  All I needed was a fox-fur collar and a gin martini. =) All the shoes here are really can there be such a market for ankle-breaking designer shoes in this city? Maybe I should move here, buy ankle supports, and be one of those fancy city ladies. Woo!

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