Friday, September 3, 2010

The Adventures of Shermie Cat = Flash Fiction #4, Revised

So apparently, according to der Maan, I didn't do so well on my sentence challenge yesterday. Here are his definitions:

1). Simple Sentence - Sentence w/ the same subject for each verb.
  •  I ate steak.
  •  I ate steak and drank soda.
  •  I ate steak and I drank soda.
  • *I think that I ate steak last night.

2). Complex sentence - Sentence w/ two or more subjects, one for each verb, joined by a subordinating conjunction.
  • I think he ate steak.
  • I ran around the building while he ate steak.

3). Compound Sentence - Sentence w/ two or more subjects, one for each verb, joined by a coordinating conjunction. The two clauses are equal in weight and can stand alone.
  •  I went to the store and he ate steak.

Here's a list of coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.  So I'm not sure of der Maan's sources as I thought a simple sentence was only 1 subject an 1 verb, but I revised my story from yesterday to these specifications. I also took the time to make it a little more silly (with alliteration!). I feel like I could do a lot with The Adventures of Shermie Cat. =) And without further ado - FICTION!


Shermie Cat dipped his paw into the tide pool. Today, he was going to try to catch some fish. All the alley cats had laughed at his pampered lifestyle he lived with his human, but he’d show them. He could out-fish and out-mouse and out-hunt the best of those garbage-eating alley cats. A little splash to the left caught his attention, and he decided that was the place he was going to fish. 

Fish were a funny lot , always darting around at the slightest hint of danger. His claws were newly sharpened. His reflexes had been honed. He pranced around momentarily, stretching his legs. He was ready! 

He slapped the water with a paw , thinking that the fish would startle. He believed it worked as the fish swam this way and that, blinded by fear.. His claw shot out while he pawed the water furiously. However, no fish seemed to fall prey to his claws when he wrestled with the water. Maybe he’d have to think of another strategy to get those fickle fish to fly onto his dinner plate.

Shermie sauntered over to another place in the tide pool and there was movement under the sand. This was his opportunity to shine but would the fish allow itself to be caught? Crouching down low on his front paws, he wiggled his bottom in the air and he got ready to pounce. He leapt off the rock and his toes dug deep into the sand as he landed in the pool with a splash. His claws caught something wiggling but the fish struck back and bit him on the nose.

With a yowl he shot out of the water, flinging his prize onto the sand. But the prize would not let go of his sensitive sniffer so he rolled around in the sand, pawing at it furiously with his hind legs. It finally let go and scampered away as Shermie sat up wet, wounded and covered in sand.  He began licking his fur, and his wounded pride, in despair. Oh, how the alley cats would make fun of him when they found out he had mistaken a crab for a fish!

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