Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shermie Cat Moves - Flash Fiction #6

This story spanned over 2 days as I wrote it yesterday and rewrote 1/2 of it today. I tried to do the 5/5 paragraph thing again, but got a little carried away so there are a few extra sentences in there.

Though I still tried to stick to this format: Compound. Complex. Simple.



Shermie and the Move

Human was moving. She was leaving the House that she, Shermie Cat and Luna Cat shared and was moving to another House occupied by Other Human. New House came with some creatures that were very strange to Shermie. These weird creatures made The Move kind of scary for him. However, he didn’t have much choice and he believed that Human knew better on this one.

One of the creatures had four legs and fur and pointy ears just like a cat but was actually a Dog named Sidnie Frog. (Sherman would never understand why a Dog allowed herself to be called a Frog; it was all too confusing to him). Dog had some bizarre behavior that made Shermie’s cat-dignity cringe. She would follow Human and Other Human around New House all day then stare up at them with a longing doggy gaze. Dog was obedient to all of Human and Other Human’s commands and Sidnie Frog Dog had made it clear that she loved Other Human. That was silly to imagine for while Shermie cat did love Human, he would never stoop to admitting it, not even to himself.

The other creature was neither Cat nor Dog but not quite Human. The Humans called her Kid and she seemed to interact with them as if she was ALMOST a human. Sometimes she would act more like Animal, becoming prone to ear-shattering, vocal cries and unintelligible words (though no self-respecting Cat would ever would ever admit to doing THAT!). She also didn’t seem to understand that Shermie was Cat. She’d try to dress him up or treat him like a toy or *gasp* a Human! Being mistaken for a Human was almost the greatest embarrassment for cat, only below being mistaken for Dog.

In New House Dog chased and barked at Shermie. He returned the kind gesture by hissing and chirping and, sometimes on his bad days, he’d swipe Dog on the nose. She was so fun to tease that Shermie would creep up really close then dart away as Dog yapped and gnashed her teeth. Kid wasn’t so bad either. Shermie found her bed an ideal nap zone as it was full of pillows and blankets.

On the upside, New House, from now on referred to as just House, did have a lot of nooks and crannies to explore. It had new sunny spots that Shermie could spend hours in and it even had an outside area where he could sniff the breeze and watch the bugs! Most importantly, Human was there with the food while Other Human even provided a few head scratches. There were also new boundaries to push! He got himself shooed off the table multiple times a day for a great thrill. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad living in New House, after all!


Anonymous said...

Awww. How cute.

Anonymous said...

Awww. How cute.