Monday, September 13, 2010

Shermie Cat and the Otherside - Flash Fiction #5

So this time each sentence of the middle 3 paragraphs had to be one each of Complex, Simple and Compound in that order. I might've failed, but here ya go.

Shermie Cat and the Otherside

Shermie Cat had always wondered what the world was like beyond Door. The Humans were always passing in and out as if it was no big deal. Why did the humans find the world outside Door so fascinating? They would disappear through Door for hours or days on end and return with both sadness and relief. Somehow, some way, Shermie cat was going to have to find a way through Door so he could see the wide, wide world.

Every day, he crouched by the entryway, peering with his keen yellow eyes at the land beyond. It was a long corridor of neutral tones that stretched as far as Shermie could see. Other portals, Doors, lined the sides of the hallway. They beckoned to Shermie and they enticed him with endless possibilities of exploration. Shermie yearned for the chance to dart out on his long legs and frolic in the wide spaces of the Otherside.

Then one day, his lucky break arrived! Human had taken Dog out so she could do her unsightly doggy business and left the door ajar. Other Human sat tapping away at his glowing picture box. Shermie was alone and he was going to make the most of this opportunity! Wedging a paw between Door and Wall he carefully pried it open. He gazed out into the Otherside.

Carefully he placed his fuzzy gray and white paw ove the threshhold between Door and House. He set it down on the Otherside so gently that even his sensitive cat ears couldn’t hear the tap. Miraculously, nothing happened! He raced out into Otherside as fast as his legs could carry him, and all he left behind was the tinkle of his little bell. Then he heard a “click” behind him as he spun around to see that Human had reentered House and closed Door behind her!

“Oh no!” he thought as he froze in his tracks, his little cat body trembling. He was stuck in the Otherside, forever!  He started to check all Doors for his own. Darting back and forth, he wove through Otherside. “Shermie Cat, what are you doing out here?” He heard Human say. Shermie saw one Door finally peep open and out poured light! Shermie looked around, shrugged his cat shoulders, Just out for a stroll, he said as he nonchalantly looked up at her. Sauntering back to House, he realized that his ears were flicking with a little bit too much excitement to be Home.  Hopefully, Human didn't notice...

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