Tuesday, March 24, 2009

San Fran Day...4?

Today, Mom and i decided that since we were in San Fran and we bought some (semi) designer clothes, that we were going to get fancied up for a night on the town since it's our last night. Tomorrow, my great uncle's picking us up from the hotel and we're going to stay with him for the rest of the trip.

We found out that one of the hotels nearby (one of the FANcy ones) had a top-floor lounge w/ music and dancing and views of the city.  So we got all dressed up - skirts, heels, makeup, jewelry and walked the two blocks (uphill no less) to the hotel only to find out it's closed for a private party.

We ask the guy at the front desk where to go for a better place. He gives us 2 options but one is in a slightly weird block with lots of beggars and the other is like 4 blocks away and up REALLY steep San Fran hills.  The latter was the Mark Hopkins hotel and the lounge was called "Top of the Mark" which was pretty much the penthouse suite turned into the bar.  We decided to go to that one, but rather than walking in our beautiful heels, in the wind, up the hills... we took a cab there!

And no, the cabbie did not laugh at us? At least not out loud hehe.

When we got there...this place...OMG. There was a 20 minute wait and an automatic $5 cover per guest for the live music (piano player) but since we just paid the cabbie about $5 we decided to stay. and eventually (less wait than 20 mins) got seated.  Holy crap it was ritzy!  The guests were all these business men and fancy old ladies.  Our drinks were around $13 each.

Luckily it only takes me one to be set for the night. :-) No kidding.  Mom too (when it's not scotch LOL). We each had a martini (but we had also had some scotches at the hotel beforehand).  We are lushes, what can I say? We also ordered a salumi (deli meats) app to split.  It was more expensive than a lot of meal plates in boulder. but it was pretty big and fabulous.

*gasp* I have to catch my breath, San Francisco is so wonderful! LOL

During the evening, I got hit on twice and checked out several more times but some reeeallly cute men in suits. *swooning!*.  Mom also had the piano player flirting with her all night. He was hitting on her and asked her how many husbands she had. When she said "only one" he's like "oh, how about lovers?" She just rolled her eyes and laughed.  Then he dedicated a song to us. No, it wasn't "Love Cats". :-D

As we weren't quite done being ritzy, we decided to order dessert. It was "molten" chocolate cake. However, it was actually quite. dry.  So...I'm not proud of this...but I complained to the waiter. I mean for christ's sake it was 12 dollars!  This is not Chili's where, sub-par molten cake is almost expected....But, other than that it was pretty good, the topping had crunchy carmelized sugar on it and there was fresh fruit and vanilla sauce which was pretty decadent.  But the waiter took the cake off the bill.  That was nice. :-)

And i stole a pen. Me = pen klepto

Then as we were going to leave mom decided to say thanks to teh piano guy and he gave her a free CD.

Anyway we left with a pretty reasonable bill and took a cab back to our hotel (4 blocks!). When we got to our hotel there was a band playing on the corner - 3 guys who were very rockin'. They had electric instruments and amps and a full drumset. Puts Boulder street performers to shame! They were selling CDs, so i bought one.  Sadly, the cops pretty much cut them off exactly at 10:00. Which was kinda dumb, but laws...yay... :-\

And now I'm kinda drunk. That martini was strong LOL. City Life!

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