Thursday, March 26, 2009

S.F. Day 5

Today - horrible horrible news to start with. Not sharing it here though. Nope. No way.

Lunch w/ my great uncle and great aunt and my 2nd cousin who's my same age and really cool! Went to Liverpool Lil's - an English Pub thing. Had fish'n'chips and french onion soup.  Thought about clam chowdah, but decided to broaden my horizons just a bit. ;-)

My great uncle took us down the crookedest street, Lombard St. which, HOLEEE shit, it's ridiculous!  The over Golden Gate bridge to San Marin county where we drove up a hill-thing for good views of the Bay. Very cool.

Great aunt made spaghetti for dinner, she's an excellent cook.  Her jam is badass too!  Mom's two cousins came over and we had a grand old time. Great aunt also made a killer carrot cake with awesome icing! Go her! Can she adopt me? :-D

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